We need your support! Your donations go a very long way in Cambodia. With your help, hundreds of children at risk of being abused or sold by their families can get a chance to go to school. Riverkids does more thanks to our social workers, afterschool tuition teachers, nurse and other Cambodian staff working to help restore their families from desperate poverty and abuse, these children stay in school.


Donate by cheque

By cheque in Singapore. SGD cheques to ‘Riverkids Project Ltd’ can be sent to our mailing address: Blk 125, #04-166, Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150125.

Please do not send us cheques in other currencies, as processing them includes large bank charges, reducing the impact of your generous donation. For USD cheques, you can use Give2Asia below, which will also give you a US tax deduction for your donation.

Donate by bank transfer

You can donate by bank transfer from anywhere in the world and make this a recurring donation. This is also called a telegraphic or wire transfer. In Singapore with internet banking, you can set up an automatic transfer easily.

Payee: Riverkids Project Limited
Office address:  Blk 125, #04-166, Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150125
Account: 7339-629-896-507-001
Bank and branch: OCBC Bank (North Branch)
Bank address: 65 Chulia Street, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513
Swift Code: OCBCSGSG

Donate by GIRO

You can download the Giro form for Riverkids to set up a recurring donation by filling in Part 1 and Part 2 (leaving customer reference number blank). Then, bring the completed form to any OCBC branch or mail it to 65 Chulia Street, OCBC Centre Singapore 049513, Attention: Account services.

US tax-deductible donations

You can also make US tax-deductible donations through our 501(C)(3) partner below:

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Riverkids Project Limited & Riverkids Foundation work in Cambodia and Singapore to help children and families at risk for trafficking and abuse.

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