Thanks to Abigail Haworth for bringing these stories to the world through Marie’s Claire April 2014 issue, Click on the image to read how a young woman escape the virginity trade in Cambodia with Riverkids' help. These stories remind us of the many children we have helped to avoid a grim outcome through counselling, family therapy, training and direct cash aid. Give these girls a bright future. Please be warned that he story is detailed and includes accounts of sexual violence and trauma. Pseudonyms were used for our clients under our privacy guidelines.(Please note the client in the photograph above is not related to the articles mentioned)


Magazine – in print and online


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  • I am a girl
  • Discovery TLC - October 2014 (date to be published)
  • Channel News Asia Sg+ Lite on May 10th, 2014 - From Zero to Five (Mothers' Day Tribute)
  • Channel News Asia - January 16, 8.02pm Asians of the Year, episode 6.
  • Channel 8 - 'An Activist's Journey' hosted by celebrity Joanne Peh (Watch trailer here) A summary of the celebrity’s blog is here.
  • Channel News Asia Morning Prime Time – Watch the interview here
  • BBC’s Stacey Dooley Investigates – The blog is here and you can watch the TV program here


  • 938LIVE Women of Worth interviews Dale Edmonds on September 23, 2014. Listen here at 10:10 and 22:00 for Riverkids’ segment.
  • 938LIVE - Breakfast Club on Thursdays (7:10-7:30am) and Parenting Made Easy on Thursdays (7-8pm)


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Riverkids has media guidelines to protect our clients, especially the children we work with. You can download a PDF copy of Riverkids’ Media Guidelines 2015 that includes the media release form in English. We have a Khmer translation that we use in Cambodia.