There is always something special about receiving a letter in the post - it’s fun and everyone gets excited about getting a letter, especially for a kid. I’m glad what I’m doing is changing Nary’s life.

— Valetia Tan

Be a Riverkids Mentor

Want to do something that really helps a child in Cambodia? Mentor our children. You need just a little time each month to write a warm and encouraging letter to the child we match you with, knowing that you're helping her entire community with the $45 mentor donation.

For two years now, we've seen how that special connection of a mentor from far away can make such a difference to our children. in Cambodia. The children with mentors are more confident and hopeful. For many of them, it's the very first time they've ever received a letter. For all of them, a mentor is someone to talk to and ask advice, someone who tells them that their dreams do matter and that they are not alone. 

Make yourself happier

You'll be amazed how much you'll look forward to that envelope with the Riverkids sticker, and inside a letter that's been carefully written in curly Cambodian script, an English translation tucked in beside it, knowing that your letter has been read and re-read, and that somewhere in Phnom Penh, a child is waiting eagerly for your next letter. Click here to get started now.

Give them hope

Their lives are full of violence, poverty and the threat of child trafficking - and they're still children. Children with dreams of who they'll be when they grow up, children with best friends and favourite games, children who just need someone who believes in them.

The first letter they'll receive in their lives, the first time someone far away tells them that yes, they do matter. A handwritten letter can connect two lives across countries and cultures - and mean so much. 


Riverkids works with children from families that are struggling with really difficult problems, like addiction, HIV, child abuse and domestic violence, so they need mentors who are willing to learn and understand a very special child. 

These children are low risk for child trafficking right now but struggling at school and home, and need a little more encouragement and kindness in their lives. A simple letter written just for them. 

All you need is a pen and a warm heart. You don't have to be a brilliant writer or know lots about Cambodia or even children. We'll send reminders and keep track of letters so you don't even have to be organised! Just write with kindness. 

Mentors support all our programs - from kindergarten to high school, nurses, food for hungry children and malnourished babies, family counselling to finding safe jobs for parents - with a $45 monthly contribution. This is shared among all our programs so that the children who have serious emotional issues or are in dangerous home situations and can't safely take part in our mentor program can still receive the support they need from Riverkids. Also, all the children taking part have signed up with their family or legal guardian's approval.

We think very carefully about how we match you to a child. Shared interests like football, a child's dreams of becoming a nurse, being the youngest in the family help build a friendship that truly helps these children blossom.