Helping kids realise their own dreams

December was an eventful month for us with highs and lows. Some of the highs were really delightful, such as a pizza lunch enjoyed by 11 of our English students, courtesy of Avondale and five of our staff members. We were happy to see some of our students progress academically and make plans for the future – whether in their careers or in their further studies.

This month, we helped four students transit smoothly from our weekly boarding back to their own homes, although we encountered some issues. One of our boys dropped out of university, and after some discussion with him, we established that he had no desire to study at university and had been attending university only to please his mother. His passion was to forge a career in electronics, which he was able to do by enrolling in a relevant institution to learn this trade.

Another student chose not to further his studies, as he wanted to work, which we understand and support. We assisted him in widening his career options, starting with a discussion to better understand his heart and helping him with clearing outstanding fees before he can move on completely.

One of our female students was also wavering in her decision to continue her education and obtain a degree. By talking with her, we established that she was concerned there may be potential transportation issues involved for her to attend university and she did actually want to continue her studies. Determined to help her achieve her dream, we are assisting her to find a university close to her home that offers a course she is interested in.

It was a month of challenges, like any month. What matters most is helping our kids make the very best of every situation they face, and supporting them to work towards the future they desire by continuing their education or finding work.