Babies and toddlers are flourishing at Riverkids

We are proud to be able to help impoverished babies, their mothers and the communities in Cambodia. However more effort is needed to meet growing health requirements of the poorest sectors of society in Cambodia.

At the end of the month, nine babies were enrolled in the Baby Bellies program following the registration of another toddler. Of these, six were males and three were females. A newly-enrolled baby born into a poor family in December was registered in the program due to malnutrition.  With low weight after birth, his condition was exacerbated by an ailing mother who, unfortunately, was without milk.

Under our routine medical care, 30 patients had check-ups and received medicines from our nurse. Of these, five were students and two were beneficiaries from Get Ready Program.

Relatively, four communities benefitted from our Program, and ten families received Direct Cash Aid. In our Daycare, there were four tots aged two to five years old. We followed up with medical visits to monitor their health conditions. In our Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Program, five pregnant women were registered in February 2015.  Of these, two had pre-natal check-ups while one had a successful delivery.

We also provided ten boxes of Celia cereal and twenty-seven cans of formula milk to babies and toddlers in the communities. In our February 2015 Health Report, we emphasized the need to encourage the parents of Baby Bellies toddlers to prioritize their newborns’ nutrition and their conditions should be assessed continuously. Also, efforts will continue for the provision of vaccines to our toddlers and multivitamins to both mothers and babies.

A toddler in our program receives 15 kilos of rice every month aside from a month’s supplies of assorted Celia cereals and formulated milk depending on the babies’ nutritional requirements.

In addition, all toddlers are being monitored for vaccinations to be given to them. Our effort to help these babies are having a positive impact on their health, as most babies in our Baby Bellies Program have gained weight and are more active.

Vaccination is a top priority in order to give these babies the best start in life. The babies are being assessed for necessary immunizations to minimize the risks of diseases. We also enrolled four babies and mothers in our program for breastfeeding and child development.

Meanwhile, our Medical Clinic registered 11 patients in February 2015.  These recipients, with ages ranging from six to 60, were diagnosed with headaches, flu, pharyngitis, muscle pains and were provided with Direct Cash Aid.

Please refer to the detailed reports here: Health Report Feb 2015