Health in the community

                                 Children and families listen to our health staff about nutrition and hygiene

                                 Children and families listen to our health staff about nutrition and hygiene

April was again a busy and productive month for the Health Departments of Riverkids.  Overall there were ten babies in the Baby Bellies Program who received cereal, formula and general health advice.  75 patients received medical check ups and medicines from the nurse, whilst 12 patients needed medical attention from the doctor.  Four pregnant clients were seen, two of which received pre-natal examinations.

The Baby Bellies Program is running smoothly and successfully, the clients are receiving advice on nutrition and hygiene and general baby care advice. Follow up appointment and dates are critical in the successful care of the babies and we are doing our best to educate the parents accordingly. Home visits are taking place and mothers are being educated and reminded on keeping themselves healthy and in turn their babies should be safe from illness.

The vaccination program needs vigilant attention from our staff, as this is only successful and babies are only safe from illness if the mothers bring them in for their vaccinations. All of the ten babies in the program are becoming healthier and their mothers were seen to follow the direction and advice of our staff.

Three clients have been put on the Crisis Families List and need to be monitored.  One is a child who will need to visit the Family Health Centre.

Please refer to the detailed reports for March here (Health Report Mar 2015) and April here (Health Report Apr 2015)