Our education programs contributed to reduced drop-outs

What are the reasons students drop out of schools? Coming from a poor background and could not afford the school fees; families who neglect; or lack of motivation and support from families?

At Riverkids, our education support programs that help children in Kindergarten to University were established to help such affected students. The programs provide a wide range of support including financial, capability, building self-confidence and self-esteem, instilling discipline and behavioural change. It has contributed to Cambodia government’s strategies in reducing students dropping out of state school programs.

Here’s what we do to support our students:

  • Clarify all students’ names and status in schools scholarship programs.
  • Develop and update budget plan and management and project activities.
  • Communicate with education team, social work team, case file team, nurse team and childcare co-ordinator to share our vision, missions and goals.
  • Mentor and coach difficult students in the programs to join the school regularly with full brief update to the education manager.
  • Provide allowances to secondary students, high school students, university students, and tuk-tuk drivers with mentoring and feedback to ensure they follow guidelines and policies.
  • Provide exact tuition fees for private students and primary school teachers in different schools; ensuring that the students will be safe in schools.

We work with the education, social work and nurse teams as well as childcare co-ordinator to work on students’ drop-out and absenteeism cases; counselling the students and their families.

In the coming month, our State School Support Programs will be co-ordinating Beltei School to go on a field trip and will be working with Sew Happy to take students’ body measurements for their clothes.

The State School Supporting Programs remains focused on ensuring children and young adults will be able to take more interest in schools. Education is the best way to a better life.

Please refer to the detailed report here: External Education Report Mar 2015