Our social workers continue to hit the ground running in the community

In April, we were busy supporting families in Cambodia from our regular visits and programs to recruitment and execution of new activities! We visited 42 families, provided counselling to 14 families and supplies and financial support to families in need.

Our staff members also work closely with the nurse, doctor, counsellor and therapist, providing referrals and assisting with health check-ups. To address school absenteeism, we followed-up with 13 students, gathered updates and motivated them to attend their education programs. We are pleased to share that one of our graduates will be studying Khmer literature and English at the state and private schools respectively.

Our impact continues to grow. In addition to supporting our existing clients, we registered new participants in the following programs: Kindergarten (5), Healthy Mom Healthy Baby (1), Sew Happy (1) and Hungry Children (1).

Our Jasmine Elephant Family program supports families affected by poverty, addiction or abuse. After completion of family assessments, we are delighted to share that 20 families met the criteria for graduation. They have worked hard to achieve stable income, home and are supportive of their children and we will be hosting a community celebration to recognize their efforts and successes.

With the kind support of our donors, the Little Bird Project received further funding and equipment, allowing us to continue the school program and provide mosquito nets, blankets, shoes and second-hand clothes to our clients.

Thanks to your support, we will continue empowering students and their families to break out of poverty and transform their communities. Stay tuned for next month’s updates!

Please refer to the detailed report here:Social Work Report Apr 2015