The Mentor Pledge

I promise to write to the child I'm matched with at least four times a year.
I will prepare ahead and write four extra encouraging notes so the child will get regular mail even if I'm busy.
I will only send stationery, photos and stickers to my child, and promise to send no other gifts or financial aid directly to them that could cause conflicts
I will protect my child's privacy by keeping personal details, including their letters, private to my family
I will be careful sharing photographs from my child to make sure there isn't any identifying information
I will write with clean language and keep politics and sexuality out of the topics in our letters
I will respect my child's religious beliefs
If I need to leave the mentor program, I'll write a kind goodbye letter to my child to help them transfer to a new mentor
I will not make contact with the child or family outside of our letters without checking with Riverkids first - including sharing my contact details
I understand that my letters are to encourage and help this child, and when I write to them, I'll write just as I would hope someone kind would to one of my own family's children.