“My week of volunteering with Riverkids in the slums of Phnom Penh was the first time I had witnessed true poverty – where the fabric of society has disintegrated – where a parent would sell their own child for sex. I saw first hand how Riverkids is trying to turn things around and giving hope where before there was none.” - Sam Heathcote

Riverkids has benefited from amazing volunteers who’ve taught, researched, fundraised and brought new ideas and so much more to the children in Cambodia.

What one of our volunteers did:

Andrea Claire helps Riverkids girls get ready for the future

What you can do:

If you would like to volunteer in Cambodia, our Child Protection Policy requires that you have police clearance (background check) from your own country or an employer referral letter if you live in Cambodia.

Short-term Volunteering

Volunteering at Riverkids brings you right into the heart of the Riverkids community, interacting with children and families. It can be as simple as a trip to the park with a group of children for an afternoon to weeks of in-depth research alongside staff in the Phnom Penh slum. These as well as training workshops can be done under a week. We won’t be able to accept short-term volunteer for other work.

Long-term Volunteering

Long-term volunteers have worked on developing kindergarten curriculum, strengthening our medical support for malnourished children, training our staff in better accounting processes and much more. 

We work closely with you before you go up to Cambodia to design a placement that matches your skills and strengths. We can also advise you on places to stay and help organise your trip.

We don’t charge for long-term volunteer placements, although volunteers are expected to cover their own costs and any additional service needed such as translators for field research. We will provide a budget and schedule in advance of your trip.

Some of our volunteer opportunities can be done entirely online with flexible timing.

Check-in for Riverkids

We would very much appreciate any excess luggage you can spare to bring donations such as board books, babies’ clothes and thermal bags for our baby bottles that can be picked up at our Singapore office. In Cambodia, Riverkids staff can either pick the bags up at your hotel or you can visit the site to drop them off.

To learn more about volunteering, please email us at florence@riverkidsproject.org with your interests and your CV.

Riverkids thanks all our volunteers who have made such a huge difference to our work in Singapore and Cambodia. We thanks Naida Ginnane and Aaron Ng for working with us on the new website, and Clarisa Leong for designing our new logo and identity manual.